When Humanity is Lost By: Jessica N. Brunelle

American society flocks to TV shows of the supernatural genre, which themes of losing our humanity and good conquering evil is the basis of the message. However, many Americans have lost sight of this idea.

We watch these shows and who does everyone thinks or wants to identify with, the hero, I think not!

NOT the Americans who are the ones with fear and hatred in their hearts. NOT the ones stealing, rioting, and looting, which by the way—stealing is looting (to those who) somehow have rationalized their HUMANITY AWAY. The noble characters are the good guys, the are the ones who spread the light, love, and peace when there is too much darkness.

In a society who spends so much time streaming TV shows like The Walking Dead, Black Summer, and Z-Nation, I am surprised that people cannot apply the message of holding on to your humanity is a universal theme. It doesn’t simply apply to fictional zombie TV shows and movies.

Yes, it is fiction. But people, there is a deeper message that the writer and creators are trying to show us. Anyone who has ever read William Golding’s Lord of the Flies that is what whole point of his novel, is what will man naturally do when faced with holding on to their humanity in times of crisis. Jack is the villain. Jack is symbolic for giving into evil. Ralph is the one who tries to hold it together. And who had the biggest group, Jack. But who won in the end Ralph, the representative of holding on to your humanity. William Golding’s Interview On Humanity

It sad that we can all read these books and watch these shows and movies and all identify with the good guys, but there are too many people out their in Dallas, Texas’s Deep Ellum and North Park that are proving that some you are really the bad guys. Minneapolis, Minnesota, Boston, Massachusetts. People we are better than this.

The ones rioting and looting are not The Walking Dead’s Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Maggie, Carl, or Carol. You are not Sam and Dean Winchester, Bobby, Ash, Misha, Mary, or John Winchester. You are not Thor, Tony, or Captain America.

The ones looting, killing, rioting— You are the Villiains, Cowards, the Weak, the Takers, and the Thieves. You are the Neegan’s, the Cannibals, Thanos, the Monsters. ***The ironic and disappointing aspect of all of this going in OUR COUNTRY, is in Erick Kripke’s Supernatural and Netflix’s Lucifer, is the “MONSTERS” are many times better people than many Americans are right now.

Yes, it is fiction, but the message applies to the way we live our lives. Those who live in fear, impatience, hate, and ignorance are those who become the villains. The ones who focus on the pureness of heart and hold on to our humanity are the “true heroes.

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