Universal Changes

Going into ##MercuryRetrograde#Communicate is the A game Expect Cancellations& #SocialFauxPas 1. Step back 🤔 through2. Strategize well move forward B/C#FullMoon 2#LeoLunar#Thursday 116PMCST#Screenwriters#Screenwriting#FilmMaking#AgeOfAquarius #WhatTheBleepDoYouKnow pic.twitter.com/yZFrHWxXcu — Jessica Nile Brunelle (@JessicaBrunell1) January 25, 2021

Manchester by the Sea: Major Plot Points Breakdown By: Jessica N. Brunelle

https://images.app.goo.gl/oZ8UzRA26vNNkXED6 Screenplay Genre: Drama Written by: Kenneth Lonergan Movie Time: 138 minutes – 2:10 1. Inciting Incident The first fourteen minutes establishes an overall understanding of who Lee is: uncle, brother, fishes, kind, has a healthy happy bond with family, but now depressed, alone and self-destructive – picking fights in bars makes the audience curiousContinue reading “Manchester by the Sea: Major Plot Points Breakdown By: Jessica N. Brunelle”

Navy SEAL Give 7 Motivational Sayings