“Loneliness is a Hungry Beast”

Loneliness creeps through the night,

Looking to latch on to anyone tight.

He turns the corner with a crick in his smile,

Waiting for those who appear to be hollow.

He preys on the lost and scared,

Hoping to find a soul that is bare.

Attracted to the troubled minds.

The only way that he can survive.

He gnaws on your mind with his razor-sharp teeth.

Needing and wanting to constantly feed.

He claws at your Soul until you’re too weak.

Watching you bleed; driven by your defeat.

He devours all of your dreams.

It’s all part of his grand scheme.

He slashes at your heart by tearing your hope.

Ripping out your love til there’s nothing else left.

He dives into your Soul; no moment to spark,

Beginning to tell you no one else cares.

Weak and injured you sadly give in,

Now it’s time for his fun to begin

He tells you to lock your door,

Closing yourself off from all of the world.

He tells you he’s you new best friend,

Nothing but a soul for him to win.

Striped and weak , you obey.

The first step your dismay.

You search for Strength from within,

Your Soul too weak; your Soul too thin.

He knows you’re desperate to find

One one to you to keep you fine.

He calls on his long-time find,

Ellington him he has a new soul to win.

Abruptly there’s a rap at the door.

it’s a sudden fright, you think who could be there?

Overwhelmed with fear-you hesitate.

Loneliness tells you, “Go for it!!”

Scared and desperate you open the door.

Fear rushes,in, throws you to the floor.

You discover that it’s his friend Fear,

Trying all he can to keep you near.

They ravage your body.

They spread like a disease

They cripple your mind.

They strip off your pride.

Their plan was to lame you until your tool old. No looking back now your future is told.

Oo tired to fight them away, all your hope and joy now hone.

You know no other way, now accepting of your won dismay.

Never fighting gfor yourself

Instead dieting all by yourself.

Copyright © 2012 by Jessica N. Brunelle

“Shallowness is the Sign of Ignorance”

Popular pomp aces sit on their asses.

Propped with their feet so not to be stained by the grasses.

Loving themselves and what’s in the mirror;

Never admitting what they’re in fear of.

Big city lights and high rolling games,

Who they know the key to their fame,

And the rest of try vainly to emulate,

Never trying to just to imitate.

To become a tool of these fools,

One only needs a TV and a stool.

Listen and learn.

The absurdity in turn, and

The new royalty proclaims

That the mindless are tamed.

In each of us there is something that’s beating;

A mind that’s awake though the thoughts are fleeting.

We hide our emotions in a true sense of freedom,

Either in a glass, a bottle, or in little bumps.

To find the real truth, we cannot always hope and

Have faith in religion, sex, crime or dope.

The vices are endless.

The pain, is mend less,

So we watch each week for the new game.

Will the idol gain, become lame, or go insane?

Stay tuned for the future you know,

Or suffer the consequences and the blow.

Copyrighted ©2011 Jessica Nile Brunelle

Photo by Mike Yakaites on Pexels.com


You cried when you first saw me,

But I felt with a little time,

You would begin to love me

and treat me really kind.

I was broken, beaten, and old.

You looked a little faint.

Then, you cleaned off the crusty mold

And put on a new coat of paint.

I sheltered you from the weather;

You patched the cracks in my wall.

Being your partner has been my pleasure,

But could I just ask for one more hall?

Copyrighted ©2011 Jessica Nile Brunelle

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Time and His Cruel Games”

You know that I still love you,

And I know you love me too.

But why do you continue,

Doing what you do?

Knowing how it hurts me,

Each and every time.

Always growing harder

To accept that you’re not mine

You know you cannot give me

What it is I really want

So why do you still cause me

To have faith in what we’re not

I try to resist you,

But you come on way too strong.

Our love love with what keeps us

Continuing way too long.

You finally have told me

Why it is that you do,

And I have to terms

That we both have been fooled.

It’s Time and its evil game

Causes our loveto feel like pain.

All the time that we feel,

Time will tell us it’s not real.

Time and its uncaring ways

Always causing our dismay.

Causing us to each other

By our unwillingness to accept its power.

We always wondered why it is we never met.

After all the times our paths could have intersect,

Is at the point in when we cannot simply be.

So now I must surrender,

And you must do the same.

To whom we all call Time

Is now the one I blame.

It’s impossible to battle Time

And all its wicked games

I hope he makes it up to me

For taking you away

Copyrighted ©️2011 Jessica Nile Brunelle

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