Life Lessons

Life Lesson 1 – Set Goals

Denzel Washington ‘s Motivational Speech

Start with a simple overall goal like, “I want healthy and wealthy life which is wealth in love, peace, and enough to provide a nice life without greed.” Then set specific goals based on that and what you like to do or what you are good at, because sometimes what you want isn’t want you are meant to do.

I had set an overall goal in my mind and then based my short term, mid term, and long term goal without following what my inner self told me, but logically they were good goals. I thought it would work. The short term goal was the only one that I made, but I tried my hardest to achieve the mid term and it I processed that as it was not my fate. I let it get me down, lost my faith that God would take care of it, and that is where everything went wrong. So I worked with what I had going at my current job that I already had, which has been my dream job, and a door opened. Then it seemed like I was back to a stand-still. I saw the light and when things stopped I had no faith that God would open another door. I gave God control again and continued to work hard at what I had, and another door opened.

     So all because your specific goals don’t work, never give up on your overall goal, but sometimes your specific goals might change. But never give up, do your best to achieve your overall goal, and your little goals will or might not change. But never second guess yourself or God’s guidance.

Trust him, never give up, and treat those around you the best you can. With that philosophy; you can’t go wrong. Patience is a virtue you will learn during this Life Lesson.

Life Lesson 2 – Get to know yourself and trust YOU!!

Observe the world around you as much as you can. Keep a track of your life in your head to where you can track what has worked for you, and the things that have not worked for you. Analyze why these things worked and didn’t work. Learn from that.

     The best way to learn from that is to again always give it all you got because when you give it all you got then you cannot blame yourself for why things didn’t happen the way you planned on them to happen. It helps to keep faith in God’s guidance, and it keeps you from second guessing yourself.

     You will have many people come in and out of your life. Paths will cross with people from your past, and it is only natural to read into them, some of them are worth it and others you will find was just random case of coincidence which will mean nothing. That is why knowing and trusting yourself will help you to understand which coincidences mean nothing or something. God gives you the people you need in life when you need them, and often he takes them away when your time with them are done. This is easier to digest when again you have trust in yourself and God.

It is the only way that I have learned to make since of the reasons for those people that have come and gone.

      Some people will be there with you for a long time. Some come back from your past right when you need them. I have also made new friends that come at such an important time in your life that just makes me faith in God so much stronger. Sometimes people you know die. I have had a lot of friends and family die that I was very close to. The most recent was my father’s death in 2007. At first, it kind of disturbed me because I handled it so well. I thought that maybe I hadn’t grieved yet, or I didn’t grieve correctly. Sometimes I still ponder that. The conclusion I have come to, is I can accept death easier than any hardship we encounter in our life. There is nothing for me to question or second guess, because I am not at fault and have no control over who dies.

     Other friends or family you loose because of decisions they made in their life which change them to where you are better off without them. Sometimes you may feel guilty and feel like you are turning your back on them, but remember if it is healthier for you state of mind and body to cut ties then do it. Many people in your life will be there for you in a number of ways, a number of reasons, and then they change due to their own desires and choices. When this happens you have to reevaluate yourself, your friend/family member, and the relationship you have with that person. Are you all growing a part? If so why? Which is the healthier way to go? Many times growing up, friends from my past that I have known for 10-16 years I have had to let go. It was time consuming and painful; however, I consider it a blessing because it forces you to take a long, hard look within yourself. The hardest part is admitting to yourself that either you have changed or they have. Again who   to just have to create a new relationship with them, But going back to the importance of knowing yourself and trusting yourself. These people are often the ones who do not understand you either because they change or you do.

Life Lesson 3 – Never second guess yourself

Once you know and trust yourself. Never let anyone second guess you. If you find people that make you second guess yourself and what you feel is right do not let them take that away from you. But in order to never second guess yourself, you must be confident with you knowing and trusting yourself. If you don’t know or trust yourself then you will have a hard time from second guessing yourself. I once second guest myself and strayed from my trust and faith that God will show me the way and things got into an absolute mess. Follow your heart, but make sure your heart is honest, loving, giving, and fair. In order to never second guess yourself you must make sure you track what has happened in the past how you dealt with it and how it changed. Just like history, life repeats itself. That is why studying history is important in school. Society is based on history in order to predict and prepare and learn for the present and future. Same concept applies to your life. You must embrace and learn from the past in order to predict and prepare for your future based on you. If you master this and trust you faith that God will not let you fail as long as you try your best in life, things will happen. You will meet many people, friends, lovers, family members. They will come and go. Those that don’t make you second guess yourself and understand you are the ones you keep. The ones that do not do this either disconnect or change the relationship that you have with them. For example some intimate relationship will end, but they could end up being your best friend. Sometimes your best friend will be worst enemy. It is painful at times but again you are your best, give to those you can, be there for people with an honest heart, then you will know that whatever you choose to do was the right decision, because you know, you trust, and you never second guess yourself

Life Lesson 4 – You cannot control everything, so let God pick up the rest.

You can only control what life allows you to do. You do the best you can with a true heart. If your plans don’t go the way you planned, do not blame God and don’t blame yourself unless you can admit to yourself that you didn’t do everything you could have. But don’t let this keep you down, just learn from it and tack note that “Hey next time I will not allow myself to blame myself because next time I will try harder.” Life is a lot easier if you keep trying and keep treating others with respect, love, and understanding. But don’t let yourself be taking advantage of because of this. Do not stoop to their level, just walk away. Worry about what is best for you without hurting others. Do not let your own ambitions effect the way you treat others. No when enough is enough. This is a lot easier to do once you master the idea of trusting yourself. Do not follow others. Make your own decisions. Read Matthew in the New Testament. Get a bible where Jesus’ words are in red. If you read any part of the bible read that. Read Jesus’ words. Learn that God loves, God is patient, and God is understanding, forgiving, and kind. Treat other in the same way, but don’t let people use you for this because people will take advantage of that. Follow your heart; follow your trust and faith that you being a good person are what make you. It reinforces your faith in yourself and your decisions. Trust God, by trusting God will help guide you to know how is healthy for you and who is not.

      This is hard because sometimes the most loved and important people in your life and trusted and confided in will end up being the people are you right off. But the only way you can understand this and not let it ruin you is…is to understand yourself and your faith and values. If you want peace, love, and understanding in your life stay away from those that you cannot get that with. If they are family or close enough to them that you can’t then try to create and keep these relationships but if you try and it just doesn’t get any better than you have to walk away. It is like an alcoholic coming clean, you cannot have your drinking friends anymore unless they can be healthy for you. If you want a healthy and wealthy life of peace, joy, and happiness, look and find it within yourself. That is the only really happiness there will ever be for a person. You cannot be around those who don’t. You can try if your relationships with people are at a turning point and ya’ll can all grow together to where ya’ll help each other become better/healthier than that is worth it, but if your trying to make your life better, be aware of what they are doing otherwise you will fall in with them.

Positive energy bring positive results while negative energy brings negative results.

Life Lesson 5 – Always try and never stop, and always do your best

If you have a goal for yourself, give it all you got. If it doesn’t work, do not let it get you down. Another door will open. But you have to make sure that you know yourself and let God guide you, keep your chin and faith up and another door will open. You have to do try. If you try hard enough and long enough results you seek will be given. However, if you all your hard work continue to not get the results you want then you might begin to second guess yourself including your values and morals. For example, some people you work with or for might keep getting the promotions or privilege treatment because you don’t fit in or you don’t.

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