Society, Media, and Mankind

Understanding the Love, Life and Unspoken Words between Middle Aged Single Men and Women

Single women past thirty-five who are strongly self sufficient and independent like a single mom with a career or a divorced woman with none of her own children. But normally, by forty we have all had the relationship to a divorced dad wit kids. AND OMG what a great train wreck that CAN or CANNOT be. Does it just take some of us realize we want a career over a family? Are we forced to choose? What about a wife having a better career or more successful. Are men the ones who are scared of independent strong women? We are the good ones our society needs. We need Percy Blyth Shelley. He was more liberal than many men are today when it comes to respecting, appreciating, and realizing how brilliant their love is and loves her for it. Most men say they are attracted to us for these things, but when they see us in action it is an entire other story.

Women battled rights in the 1920’s. We were victimized by expressing our emotions. Jane Austen’s novels shows the expectations and roles women, her characters, must have and accept without defiance. Mary Shelley’s, who wrote Frankenstein, mother was Mary Wollstonecraft, who wrote A Vindication of the Right’s of Women: An Appreciation. Mary Shelley could not get Frankenstein even considered for publication if a woman’s name was written as the author. These women in history had no choices but to marry or live on the streets as a prostitute. In Downton Abby, the audience may sometimes cringe at the stress and rules women had to follow to earn respect and to proved their intelligence. We were sold like cattle using the term “dowry”. There is a reason why that is the oldest and current job that has always been in high demand; however, no one ever grows up planning to sell their body to live. From years of oppression, we have finally risen up to compete with men. So, are these men struggling to understand women like us since we are nothing like their mothers?

My generation was raised by single moms, so why do they disregard our ambitions, power, determination, and perseverance now? Are they subconsciously resentful of us because we are stronger than them and we strive for truth and honesty? We have spent our entire life trying to attract men and make them happy, and we become their mothers. Can today’s man not keep up with us? They are attracted to us but jealous. The only power they have is the act of intercourse, so that is what… their weapon?  They get us in, let our guard down, and then they fucking walk away with no respect for the human being that they were? attracted to? DON’T STOP READING THIS IS NOT A MAN BANISHING

Have we confused men? Do they not know what to do because they don’t know what to do? Men say that women could never have some jobs because “we are too emotional.” But we have become more intelligent when we come to express all the aspects of the human spirit. Emotions are what make us human, so how can anyone be 100% honest with themselves or others if they have chosen to ignore any and all emotions to the point there are none left to express. All we see is men’s actions, which we are supposed to magically decipher. That is not our job, however, we women still are the victim, while white men just fucking have shit giving to them and are supported by women so they can “figure themselves out.” How were women able to protect their dignity from the time we were 13-20 years old by rejecting boys’ advances, fight through their immature fucking whatever’s to hook us, then we power through with our ambition and passion of our dreams we set for ourselves in high school to earn and pursue and degree and career. Oh! Then you are now a professional and you meet a guy, it seems like we automatically go to whom does he want me to be? After all the years of pushing through boy’s crap and you are at you goal, they come again. Some choose family over career. How do men see women who choose career? How many men really want their wife to earn more in her career than they do? My dad used to always tell me when I was in college that make sure I don’t find a man that is jealous of me for my achievements because some do. I was lucky because my dad was a very well-educated hippie who loved nature and all the pleasures of the world. He also was a writer. We writers love to investigate truth and honesty in the world because it gives us a voice that we can trust writing about. We, writers especially, are always searching for why people behave the way we do or society. If you start really thinking about it and add in our past history and current society it expands your understanding of life and the purpose we all serve as human beings, not what type of human – male/female, white/black/etc., straight/gay, single/married, kids/no kids. Humans are all the same. Yes, we all behave and act the same or different, but it is because of that person’s experiences, not because of color, race, gender, or religion. But society is what makes all those things so important that we all focus on it, which in my opinion is the reason stereotypes will never go away. Until everyone can understand this and see person and nothing else, we will always have stereotypes, assumptions, and judgments for one another. We are the ones who keep people focused on how we are different when we should be trying to see what makes us alike.

Now men, I know by experience, women are FAR from perfect, but women over thirty-five are JADED. Because, even if you were not the dude; that woman has been through some disappointment. Most of the time it is a guy, but 90% of the time it is when life is already hitting at a multitude of angles and you thought you had your love by your side and then they leave. We are hurt, we are scared, we are distrusting, and we are damaged. We have been called crazy in our twenties because you boys at the time fucked with our heads because you knew how to play with our emotions. Now, we are overpowering everything, you guys try blame us we are too emotional. Ya’ll are so quick to point our emotions, but emotions is how you played us as kids. Ya’ll were manipulators.  So why do you think we finally learned to manipulate by our thirties. Because you teenage and twenty year old BOYS are all the same. Your brain in the head is just not working yet and it is sad; ours have never stopped. And I have no sympathy for that, sorry. Maybe if you explore your emotions, your brain could communicate logically with your penis.



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