My 2021-22 – Feature Length Screenplay Projects

Feature Length Screenplay Loglines 2021-22

Working Titles and Loglines

Jessica N. Brunelle-Turner

“A Mother’s Wish” Dramady

Logline: After the death of their mother, two highly different, estranged sisters are forced to take a road trip together in order to spread their mother’s ashes according to her will and testament in order to bring her two daughters.


“It’s Just Me” Dramady

Logline: After a dramatic shift in life, a once passionate and driven woman has no choice except to move back home and rediscovers her true-self and purpose when she encounters her younger self.


“A Better World” Drama/Thriller

Logline: After the loss of her husband and son, a very intuitive, highly intellectual woman must use her connection to nature along with her survival skills to find a new way to live in a post pandemic society.


“Accept the Unexpected” Dramady

Logline: A big-shot defense lawyer leaves her career behind after a nervous breakdown to seek a new purpose in life and hopes to find peace in her solitude until it is interrupted when a wealthy lawyer and his family vacation in the house next door.


“The Adventures of Kate and Ann” Dramady

Logline: Two sisters, defeated by life, decide to take a road trip from the West Coast to the East Coast in order to rediscover themselves.

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