Netflix’s Lucifer has Confirmed a Season 5 and Tom Ellis Agreed to Season 6

By: Jessica Brunelle Lucifer Season 5 Ready To Roll On Netflix With A New Release Date JYOTSNA RAI01/06/2020 Lucifer season 5 is set to open the doors of the hell with new dates since the lockdown is delaying its release on Netflix.

Gen X – The Middle Child of Generations

By: Jessica N. Brunelle What can I say about Generation X? That is rhetorical. I really don’t know what do say about us, which a I guess describes our generation perfectly. We are the very few generations that has “winged it” our whole lives. It reflects in the movies you have seen and the TVContinue reading “Gen X – The Middle Child of Generations”

“Why Do We Lie and Who To?” By: Jessica N. Brunelle

We lie to strangers, friends, enemies, family, bosses, co-workers, and mostly to ourselves. We lie for survival. We lie because we are selfish. We lie because we are afraid. We are afraid of judgment. We are afraid of consequences, and we are afraid of not being accepted by others. We lie to ourselves to avoidContinue reading ““Why Do We Lie and Who To?” By: Jessica N. Brunelle”

A Kripke’s Supernatural Universe Cross with Lee’s and Gunn’s Marvel Universe By: Jessica N. Brunelle

As a beyond huge fan of CW’s Supernatural TV series, I always imagined and thought if I was in a position to make a crossover with the Supernatural saga, it would be with the Marvel Universe. I really don’t understand the fact that they chose DC. In the CW’s Supernatural, created by Eric Kripke, analyzes and creates aContinue reading “A Kripke’s Supernatural Universe Cross with Lee’s and Gunn’s Marvel Universe By: Jessica N. Brunelle”

Literary Analysis of Family Structure and Roles in The Royal Tenenbaums

In the traditional family, each member conveys specific roles and placement within the home. These roles in the family are based on their traits, personality, and talents, which greatly contribute to the overall family structure. The relationships between the characters in the film have many common ideals and norms that are displayed in most families.Continue reading “Literary Analysis of Family Structure and Roles in The Royal Tenenbaums”

Life in its Truest Form in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Writings By: Jessica Brunelle

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s writings, he always has a point or lesson to be learned.  He either opens a new doorway to see life differently, or he inspires the reader with a feeling of pride.  Although he was not a stern, religious man, he shows the reader how to live a joyful, wholesome, and prideful life. Continue reading “Life in its Truest Form in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Writings By: Jessica Brunelle”

Humanity Examined Through American Realism By Jessica Brunelle

Ernest Hemingway and Willa Cather portray similar themes in their novels. Each author depicts life as they have experienced it. In their novels, both show the brutalities of life in nature and the brotherhood between men. Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea displays themes of man versus nature and man companionship; moreover, Willa Cather’sContinue reading “Humanity Examined Through American Realism By Jessica Brunelle”

Jim Morrison’s “New Epitaph for Pere Lachaise” By Jan Eloise Morris

New Epitaph for Pere Lachaise Sensitive, Mystical Poet Your legacy live on; Stoned as petrified reptile In the amber resin of your ageless words, Passionate images. ROCK IS NOT DEAD! Only sleeping in the spirit of your generation. How peculiar a twist to fate comes awakening. The virgin student fascinated by disc technology      FindsContinue reading “Jim Morrison’s “New Epitaph for Pere Lachaise” By Jan Eloise Morris”

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