‘The Boys’ VFX Supervisor Stephan Fleet On Creating Stormfront’s Powers To Match Her Personality: “Definitely Violent And Extremely Destructive”

By Ryan Fleming

Ryan Fleming

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VIEW ALLJune 8, 2021 9:00am

Unlike most other superhero shows, Amazon Prime’s The Boys brings a little more realism to their superheroes, in terms of corruption and powers. That’s where VFX supervisor Stephan Fleet comes in. “We always approach everything, no matter how absurd or supernatural,” Fleet says, “with the thought of ‘what would make it feel the most real?’ I’m getting emails right now from Eric [Kripke] saying, ‘what would make this crazy thing feel the most real.’ It’s a very common topic for us.”

By Jessicanilebrunelle

I have always looked at the universe in multiple ways. Experiences with beauty and peacefulness only to be shattered by hatred and ugliness. Why does the world work? How can we look at all the amazing things we have while dealing with the hardships? Many times throughout my life experiences have come full circle with only me to see it. I don’t even believe Existence is aware of these times. It is the most supernatural phenomena I have witnessed.

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