The CW’s DC TV/Supernatural Crossover Should be a Marvel Cinematic Universe/Supernatural Crossover

As a beyond huge fan of CW’s Supernatural TV series, I always imagined and thought if I was in a position to make a crossover with the Supernatural saga, it would be with the Marvel Universe. I really don’t understand the fact that they chose DC.

In the CW’s Supernatural, created by Eric Kripke, analyzes and creates a world of his own by combining and merging a plethora of folklore, religions, mythologieslegends, fairy tales, and classic monster stories. This blending of genres and theologies creates a world where all pagan gods, (Norse and Greek), angels, demons, and monsters interact and exist in today’s American society.  

DC Comics are nowhere close to the magnitude of story-telling that can or will give justice to the roots that Stan Lee started with Marvel and Kripke created with Supernatural. Films and TV shows should reflect back on our historical cultures with the ability to crossover to our current society today. That is literally, the basis of all storytelling or actually everything.

Eric Kripke and Stan Lee have created their own versions of the our ancient stories. Both of these men have used the archetypes and the pioneers of story-telling to influence their own literary constructs to fit into present-day, American society. This is a fundamental piece to the creation of the English Literary Language. Beowulf is the oldest piece of English literature that was brought back to life, thanks to J.R.R. Tolkien, who was also heavily inspired by the ideals, values, and beliefs that the Anglo-Saxon possessed. They were the civilization that was responsible for creating the first story written in English. Once Rome took over, they were converting pagans into Christians, which is the foundation of our society today. Christians believe, practice, and incorporate a combination of pagan traditions based on the Anglo-Saxon’s beliefs in the Norse pagan gods. Once Beowulf, the father of the epic was translated and recorded by Rome’s Christian monks, the first superhero versus monster story began. It combined ideas and beliefs of the pagans and Christians.

Stan Lee created the Marvel Universe based on Norse mythology, which is a key component of Kripke’s Supernatural. In season five, episode nineteen, “The Hammer of the Gods”, illustrated the creator’s unique and gifted way to create his own world inside our world. It was most witty, interesting, and intelligent storytelling. The key factor in this plot shows how amazing Marvel would crossover with CW’s Supernatural. This seems like a huge over sight.

I never once imagined DC or thought of one character from the DC universe that would even come close to the magnitude behind the Lee and Kripkes’ abilities to incorporate theologies, religions, and myths into their stories. This episode paved a huge road when the show added Odin to the plot in “The Hammer of the Gods”. Supernatural is too supernatural for DC; there is nothing close to supernatural in comparison to Marvel’s foundation that evolves around Ragnarok, Thanos, Odin, Thor, Loki and Hel.

When I think crossover with Supernatural, the first thing in my mind is Odin versus God (Chuck), Lucifer versus Hel. The best, ultimate part, is especially, when Supernatural’s archangel Gabriel, hides out as the Trickster, Loki who have already worked together. Gabriel versus Loki, Thor versus Michael, and even God/Chuck’s sister could fight Odin’s daughter Hel. The imagination of anyone could have a field day with our society’s spin-off the ancient tales, religions, and the trailblazers after the ancient times.

At, one writer starts his first chapter of his Supernatural/Avengers crossover with Dean being found alone by the Avengers. The Wolf and The Team sounds promising or at least a start. I think that Dean and Logan would in fact make a dynamic duo. Both highly, obviously, alpha males. Another writer began their crossover with Logan, only proving, I am not totally off base with this idea.

Getaway by livjo33reviews While Logan is staying in the woods, a man stumbles across his campsite. Will an unlikely friendship blossom from a chance encounter? A collection of one-shots after Logan and Dean meet. NO SLASH. The title is still a work in progress!

All I see is pure wasted foundation that could be the perfect crossover, but it’s not DC. Loki versus Loki/Christian Gabriel, how much fun could that be. In season thirteen, episode twenty Norse pagan god, Loki, has a debt to settle because he blames Supernatural’s Lucifer, as well as the Christian apocalypse for Odin’s death, which is Loki’s father. Supernatural continuously builds the plot by creating parallels between Christianity’s Archangels to Norse pagan gods.

Both the Marvel Universe and CW’s Supernatural incorporates Norse mythology as the foundation to create our society’s version of a superhero tale. These Pagan artifacts in this fictional series reflects Americans’ attitudes and their understanding of religion and the spread of ancient mythologies and folklore, which seems to drive the movie industry. Hollywood did that with George Lucas, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, and Rick Riordan novels. When a writer can create something so large that the audience and critics could call it an epic, then another literary world was established within the real world. There are thousands of small worlds in this big real world, and they all live and survive through imagination, knowledge, and creativity. And like stated earlier “it’s gotta come full circle for significance and purpose.”

DC, simply does not have the ability to create a world that is as complex as the other story-tellers. There is no reference to the past that explains and brings light into our actual world. Even Deadpool crosses over when he halls in love with Death, who is Hel in Norse mytholgy, Hades in Greek myths, and Satin in Christianity. Or God (Chuck)’s sister, is she more like Hel or Lucifer. My point is we can write and create our spins to keep our historical culture from disappearing by honoring the stories that inspired our own creations and different ways to form our version of entertainment, values, and beliefs. DC has no roots in ancient story-telling or religions or anywhere in literature. Not compared to the ancient myths, religions, folk and fairy tales. Supernatural and Marvel’s whole basis for their plots are constructed around the ancient tales that created the story-telling to begin with. Young people know more Greek mythology than I did growing up, thanks to Rick Riordan. These have all been game changers in the movie and TV industry because of the richness of the background because it was a significant and purposeful crossover.

By Jessicanilebrunelle

I have always looked at the universe in multiple ways. Experiences with beauty and peacefulness only to be shattered by hatred and ugliness. Why does the world work? How can we look at all the amazing things we have while dealing with the hardships? Many times throughout my life experiences have come full circle with only me to see it. I don’t even believe Existence is aware of these times. It is the most supernatural phenomena I have witnessed.

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