Rafaela’s Quest Screenplay Sketch

Premise: Rafaella, an 18 yr. old girl wants to find her biological father whom she never met.

Rafaella’s Strengths: 
Determined, Strong Willed, Optimistic
Rafaella’s Weakness: 
Self-Doubt, Abandonment Issues, Self-Identity 
External Conflicts: 
R. versus Mom; R. versus Dad, R. versus school, R. versus 
teachers, R. versus boyfriend
Internal Conflicts:
R versus self-identity, R. Versus anger, R. versus abandonment, R versus fear, R. versus self-doubt
Dramatic Structure:
Beginning Set Up: Fades in to Rafaella and her mother in AM Breakfast
1. Inciting Incident: Her mom has always promised her that once she was 18 she could try to find her biological dad.
2. Major Turning Point: She goes off to college/
Middle: Pursuit of the desire against a tide of obstacles.
1. Rising Action While trying to make it through her first year, she lets the agonizing mystery of finding her father effect her relationships, school, and her job. She keeps tracking leads to her father but comes up empty. She starts to skip class and call in to her job to research and chase down leads to where her father could be. She alienates herself from family and friends. She declines invitations to make new friends at college. Professors meet with her to discuss her performance in class and grades. She starts using her credit cards to travel to different places. She becomes fully emersed in finding her dad.
2. Major Turning Point: 
She has pretty much hit her rock bottom. She has now estranged relationships with family and friends. She is warned about academic suspension if she doesn’t start improving grades. She gets fired for missing so much work. She’s gotta let the dad thing chill and get back to hr life because it is unraveling.
She starts improving her grades, going class, meeting with her teachers and explain to them what she has been going through. A teacher talks with the dean to cut her a break. She finds a new and better job. Then all of a sudden, one of her leads to finding her dad contacts her in a handwritten letter. Over Thanksgiving break she goes to find him.
End: Conclusion
1. Climax: She finds her father. He tells her about what had happened and why he was not in his life and why her mother thought he just up and disappeared. She finds out that when she was five he was in deep with some bad dudes. They threatened his family’s life so for their own safety he left. She asks why he never came back and he said at that point he didn’t even know where to start with her and her mother. And still never felt they would be safe if the bad dudes he knew were still around. 
2. Resolution: Her father gets the cops involved and tells them what happened to him 13 years ago and he does serve a few months in jail and bad guys are arrested. Rafaella brings her dad home and her mother and father reconnect and decide to stay in touch and slowly overtime work on having their family back together.

Published by Jessicanilebrunelle

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