Gen X – The Middle Child of Generations

By: Jessica N. Brunelle

What can I say about Generation X? That is rhetorical. I really don’t know what do say about us, which a I guess describes our generation perfectly.

We are the very few generations that has “winged it” our whole lives. It reflects in the movies you have seen and the TV shows you have watched.

We were the generation when divorce was normal to the point it was actually considered “weird” if you parents were not. We raised ourselves, but what else didn’t anyone expect?!?!

We were a generation that was ignored growing up, had no guidance, and was raised by a prior generation that had no idea what they were doing when we were born. In a way, the Baby Boomer Generation is a lot like Gen X or what ever generation was prior to us. “Whatever” a great word that simply describes Gen X. We have many faults, but were they really our fault when we made up life as we went.

Disregarding race, religion, or gender, if you were raised in the 80s and 90s in America then you have been “wingin’ it” as young as 16, at least I have. Musicians were my guides through life. They taught me how to feel about everything because no one else was around.

And NO No this is not a booo hooo blame piece. This is A “IT IS WHAT IT IS” piece. We were and half of us still are a lost group of emotionally immature “kids”. We have no idea what we are doing. Maybe every generation is like that but play it off better than Gen X. That is probably our problem, we feel too much, we too damaged. If we are successful to others are we actually happy inside, or do we still feel like that angry upset teenager raging to get out!?!?!?

The problem with our generation is we really just “don’t care.” It is sad but do you see anyone below there 50s really trying to make a change, like the Beatles, Bob Dylan, or anyone from the Hippie Generation.

That is the generation we need back. Laid back and peaceful. Yes, they ended up being Gen Xs parents but if Gen X could get over that and focus on what are parents did that is what the difference was.

We keep trying to have “these Protests”
but what are we protesting? Does anyone have an actual answer to that? I can answer why my parents protested. It was the war and it was peaceful protests. Our generation tried to have a redo of Woodstock and it turned into a riot just like things are now.

Where is all our anger coming from? I know I am angry but I have been since I was a teenager. That is why I think some of the Gen X movies resignated with us the way they did. But I am here to say Gen X and the generation after.

This shit is on us man. We gotta do something. I don’t know what to do. I am just a 40 year old teacher in quarantine in Texas, so let me know on my Twitter account, or just email me or call me. I don’t answer unrecognized calls so make sure to leave a message because I will not answer obviously since you would not be in my contacts, unless your Misha, so your cool. But everyone else leave a message.

Mic drop!!!

By Jessicanilebrunelle

I have always looked at the universe in multiple ways. Experiences with beauty and peacefulness only to be shattered by hatred and ugliness. Why does the world work? How can we look at all the amazing things we have while dealing with the hardships? Many times throughout my life experiences have come full circle with only me to see it. I don’t even believe Existence is aware of these times. It is the most supernatural phenomena I have witnessed.

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