“Why Do We Lie and Who To?” By: Jessica N. Brunelle

We lie to strangers, friends, enemies, family, bosses, co-workers, and mostly to ourselves. We lie for survival. We lie because we are selfish. We lie because we are afraid. We are afraid of judgment. We are afraid of consequences, and we are afraid of not being accepted by others. We lie to ourselves to avoid blaming ourselves for our own mistakes we have made. We lie to ourselves in order to hide from the truth because sometimes the truth can destroy everything you have and thought you were.

When we do this, we are becoming something we are not, which can cause us to live a life of misery, stagnation, and ignorance. This is nothing but fear of acceptance; however, truth inspires or forces us to change. Christians say that God embraces us to change and do not find comfort in life just because it is predictable and safe.

Personal Growth Never Stops and Nor Should It.

If we embrace change, then we learn more about ourselves through doing things we never thought we could do or experience something we never thought we would. It causes us to have our own life adventures, which is what living is all about. We lie to our loved ones for this same reason. Is this why it’s so hard for a parent to tell their child that they are adopted or tell your spouse that you are no longer in love with them?


By Jessicanilebrunelle

I have always looked at the universe in multiple ways. Experiences with beauty and peacefulness only to be shattered by hatred and ugliness. Why does the world work? How can we look at all the amazing things we have while dealing with the hardships? Many times throughout my life experiences have come full circle with only me to see it. I don’t even believe Existence is aware of these times. It is the most supernatural phenomena I have witnessed.

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