Dallas 2017

Jessica Nile Brunelle is a screenwriter, literary essayist, and poet based in Dallas, Texas.

Her current screenplay, “Go Bliss Yourself,” is feature-length dramedy with a female-driven protagonist. Her literary essay, “Modern Day Phantoms” was published by Literary Heist Magazine in September 2020. Her narrative poem, “Loneliness is a Hungry Beast,” is told using rhyming couplets, which is also referred to as the “Heroic Couplet,” will be published in Literary Heist Magazine next month, June 2021.

Contact: JessicaBrunelle04.2019@gmail.com IMDb


  1. Hi Jessica, I came across your info on IMDB while looking in the jobs section and your past project came up. The fact you’re based out of MA caught my attention, because it’s my home state. Born and raised in New Bedford but spent a lot of time in Clinton. I did a little digging and found this page of yours and thought I would drop a note to say “hi” and to wish you the very best of luck on your script. I love the concept and feel. Keep reaching!
    ~ Corinne Meadors

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    1. That is an amazing compliment; I am so grateful that we crossed paths like that. I connected with another writer on LinkedIn born in New Bedford but now he lives in my birth town in FT Collins. I had ancestors throughout all of Mass


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