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Jessica Nile Films
2016 Manchester by the Sea
My sister and I in Eastman MA Cape Code 2007
GreenBook 1962 true story

…I may not always mean to say it out loud, but do mean what I say and always write my personal truth and the voices who go unspoken for.

– Jessica N. Brunelle


Education: BA in English Literature from the University of North Texas Brooks Elms’s “Answer the Call Mentorship Program”; Gotham Writers “Screenwriting Course”

Professional Milestones: HS Literature Teacher 10 years; Published Poet; Published Literary Essayist


GOAL: I want to write films that make this world a better place one film at a time. I want to EXPRESS MY VOICE using the power of words to speak truth for those who cannot voice their own and for a world that needs healing.Films in Progress for 2021-22 Loglines

YES, I know this is NOT typical and it’s too long but THIS ME which you have never heard of, so THIS IS MY STORY TO YOU.

The best way you’ll know me is through my films which come from my soul! I have always viewed my life as my own amazing story. I’m the hero, and I fight until the end, literally or metaphorically.

My perception of our world has been shaped and forged by a plethora of experiences; some filled with all the beauty and peacefulness the world has to offer only to have it shattered by hatred and ugliness. This is our CONFLICT – HUMANITY’S CONFLICT.

Just like a story, hero, conflict, plot, and resolution. Because in the end I have persevered through all the good, bad, and ugly and won. If I wasn’t the hero in my life, I’d be a boring story and so would my films. My life has not been easy and is not the perfect tale, but it makes great entertainment. Because these life experiences always come full circle, and that is the true inspiration, my true-self and then the creativity is a profession but my God given gift in this world and that’s where my writing comes from, LIFE, and the creative anything is possible mindset.

The human condition is the heart of every great story. Because we have we live and see the way humanity rises and falls with others as well as within ourselves. That is your personal CONFLICT and therefore you and your CHARACTERS’s conflicts. When you see your personal life as a story within itself… THEN… you have an endless amounts of stories. BUT You have to keep living a story worth telling, while writing one, and even through this short tale… YOU GOT A STORY.



BIO: My SuperPower as a writer focuses on mostly internal conflicts (HENCE MY BIO PREFACE) that come from past external conflicts. 2021-22 Feature Length Film Loglines

HUMANITY: is always the theme if you truly know your character and vis a ver sa.

Genre: Dramas/dramadies that address the THEMES that we has human beings have failed to understand and apply in our lives. (HENCE BIO PREFACE)

GOAL: I want to write films that make this world a better place one film at a time. I want to EXPRESS MY VOICE using the power of words to speak truth for those who cannot voice their own and for a world that needs healing.

My Current Screenplay

Title: Go Bliss Yourself
Locale: Indian Lake,Worcester, MA / NYC
Period: Contemporary
Form: Feature Length Screenplay Draft
Genre: Drama/Dramady
Budget: Low
Coverage and Prepared by: Steve Deering

Logline: An emotionally damaged self-help book author, forced to return to her hometown, must face her past sexual abuse through acceptance and forgiveness in order to find peace.

You can achieve anything through belief, hard-work, and no fear.



Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook Film Analysis
Denzel Washington’s Beautiful Commencement Speech
The BlackList

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